I just started to create a new NPC for BG2.
I intended him to be an evil assasin, Vanim his name. In my opinion there are to few evil NPCs and there ist no thief among them. Now, this I want to change with the creation of Vanim.
Vanim can be found in the temple district. He stands near one of those statues.
At the moment, one can take Vanim into one's party. He has a small quest. He has some banter dialogue. At the moment I'm learning how romances work, so I will make one if I can find the time.
Now Vanim got a bio and his "own" pic (seems like it's designed by Royo). Now the dialogues with other NPCs are triggered by scripts so they really start. The quest is fixed. There are some dialogues with the HC included. You are able to stop the romances with Kelsey and Anomen. Vanim's romance is not finished.
The actual version is here. And of course, there's an english and a german version. Just download the *.zip-file and run "Setup-Vanim.exe".
Just a word about the english version. Rassadihn has improved my translation and has now finished version 1_4.
I forgot to mention, that this mod was done with the tools of Westley Weimer, Aaron O'Neil and Jon Olav Hauglid . .